Tin Roof Press

Tin Roof Press was formed in 2008 as a reaction to the changing nature of art publications.  As technology and globalization has made printing photographic reproductions higher in quality and much cheaper than in the past, it is now possible for artists to better control their printed images and begin to think of publications as an extension of their art making.  The music industry has already had their self production revolution and a similar transformation is happening with visual artists.  The decline of the commercial, physical book signals a birth of opportunities for those dedicated to the book in all its creative incarnations.  Tin Roof Press is a response to these possibilities.

Submissions are not being accepted right now.  Please do not send them as we will not be able to return them. Libraries that wish to include tin roof books into their collections, please contact us via the contact page.

Elijah Gowin
Owner, Tin Roof Press